Our Route

Where we’re at:

We’re biking across Europe for 4 months!  We started in London where Sean bought a bike / Cami set up her bike, then planned to work our way roughly from West to East ideally going through France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey (in no particular order).  Current Progress is below (map is clickable!)

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.50.28 PM

Where we’ve gone so far:

We booked one flight (from Seattle to Cartagena, Colombia), and left the rest up to our whim.  Over 4 months in South America, we checked off Colombia and moved our way through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile and Brazil.  We ended up flying to London from Buenos Aires.  Here is the map showing where we visited:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.50.19 PM

What’s to come:

- 1 month trekking in Nepal (we got tired of being cold!)

– A few weeks in Turkey and Sri Lanka, with a stop over in Dubai

– 2 months in Southeast Asia through Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia

– Australia and New Zealand

See you in 2015, Canada!

3 thoughts on “Our Route

  1. Tom & Judith

    Hey Guys,

    how are you doing? Did you made it to Pitigliano or Roma or did the plans change again?
    After Siena we made it to Peschiera del Garda (lake) and Lago di Maggiore (also lake). Was pretty great, had some nice weather. We are back in Holland since yesterday and we have to go back to work tomorrow :-(
    We loved the wine tasting, and our parents loved the wine we brought back for them.. specially the Alberto. Next year we would like to go to southern France and maybe Spain, so if you have some tips, they’re always welcome!

    Hope to see you in Holland in the near future for some ontbijtkoek with peanutbutter and banana.. and ofcourse some kapsalon for Sean! ;-)

    Bon voyage!

    Judith & Tom

    ps. are you allready out of peanutbutter? or do we need so send you another jar of Pindakaas? :-P

  2. Bob Armbrester

    Sean and Cami – it was great to meet you both along the trail from Ulleri to Ghorepani, what a view. Poon Hill the next morning and a significant decent into Tadapani (rather disappointing) the next afternoon. I had to stay there, but I think you both continued on the Chomrong, ABC, and Mardi Himal.

    I hope you both enjoy your continued travels throughout SE Asia and beyond. I’m envious of your “early retirement”, but God puts each of us on a different path for His purpose.

    Thank you as well for all of the great literary recommendations, especially “The Secret Race” – I need to look out for that one. Safe travels!

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