Sawadee Kaaaa

We’ve officially entered the last month of our travels, and as such are doing our best to make the most of every moment we can.  So we’re a bit slow on this one but please forgive us!

Sean’s parents Trish and Larry arranged a Christmas reunion long ago, and we all picked Thailand as a middle ground. Chris flew in from Australia a bit early so we could hang out. We reunited at the Kuala Lumpur airport, bypassed Phuket, and made it up to Khao Lok.

IMG_6447We took the morning bus and followed the first person to tout us to her guesthouse in the national park at Khao Sok.  The first thing we did after dumping off our bags was order a massive lunch consisting of all the Thai food we had been dreaming about since we were all last there 3+ years ago.  We treated ourselves and ordered at least two rounds of servings for almost every meal.  Pictures were the last thing on our minds so you’ll have to use your imagination.  Eating was our main accomplishment that day, that and reacquainting ourselves with Thai beer.

IMG_6707Khao Sok was beautiful, even on a sopping wet day like we had.  The lake was incredibly warm, and since we were already soaked, swimming didn’t feel like much of a change.  



DCIM105GOPROThis area is famous for the caves.  The “do not enter when raining” sign made us slightly nervous, but we forged on and are alive to tell the tale.  After wading into the cave almost neck deep sometimes for about 100 meters, a big waterfall appeared.

DCIM105GOPROLuckily there was sun in store for us in Krabi, where we chilled at the Sheraton resort, played on the beach, and had fun at their happy hour.  We also went kayaking through mangroves to hidden caves.

P1100363We continued on to Railay for more crazy adventures, slipping and sliding down a steep mud trail to find a crazy lagoon.



DCIM105GOPROChris and Cami left Railay with a bad case of food poisoning, but all of us buoyed by the excitement of seeing Trish and Larry for the first time since we left in January.  Larry is the photographer so he’s got all the pictures, but we spent lots of our week like this, and just as quickly as it started, it was over.  We left slightly rounder, with the huge amounts of Christmas baking making up for any stomach problems.


IMG_6758We sent Larry and Trish off on their big Southeast Asian adventure, and made our way over to Phuket for a cheeky party and onward travel.

2 thoughts on “Sawadee Kaaaa

  1. Auntie Evelyn

    The year seems to have gone quickly…home in just 10 days. How will you do that??!!! Home will look good too.
    Thank you for sharing your marvelous adventure

    1. seandgwilson Post author

      Thanks for all the comments Auntie E, can’t wait to see you soon! We’re a bit behind on the blog – after Thailand we were in Australia, and we’re leaving New Zealand today for Fiji :)

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