Scaring half of Singapore

Sean goes home!  We tracked down the house he lived in until he was six.  The people living there were only mildly creeped out by the foreigners taking pictures of their house.  Not to mention the roughly 5 dogs that didn’t stop barking until we were on our way.

IMG_6495Sean says Singapore has changed a ton since the last time he was there – high rises, clubs, neighbourhoods.  But the Merlion is still a must see.


P1100179It was nice to get a view of the city from people who lived there as opposed to the touristy stuff.  The delicious food was delicious. Evidence.

image2One of our favourite places was a recommendation from Larry and Trish from living there 30 years ago.  It was still popular, and the food was definitely still delicious!



A signature dish of Singapore is “chilli crab”, which our hosts Houman and Anca hadn’t tried before.  We all ventured there one evening and tied our plastic bibs on before digging in.

chilli crab night

While Singaporean food is awesome, nothing beats classic “Canadian” food of roasted chicken and apple crisp.

C+S apple crisp

We got a good view of all of Singapore both from the top floor of the BHP Billiton building, and as well from the club at the Marina Bay Sands, (the hotel with the famous infinity pool at the top).



We were happy to be back in Asia, where we’ve both been before.  We definitely didn’t need all that warm clothing we acquired in Nepal, luckily we had sent a bulging box full of feathers and fleece home.  Nice to be here as well in the “most wonderful time of the year” – though I’m not predicting snow any time soon.


P1100225It’s fun finding a piece of Canada where we travel. At the Botanical Garden, I fell in love with the orchid garden and spotted one orchid named after Jean Cretien.  Then we were reminded that we’re 13 hours ahead…. Only 4 clocks and they chose Vancouver! 


unnamedWe walked a dog that scared half of Singapore through East Coast Park, where Sean learned to ride his bike.  Mambo is the man.

IMG_6468Thanks to Houman, Anca, Danteo and Mambo for putting up with us and showing us the best of Singapore.

One thought on “Scaring half of Singapore

  1. Elisabeth

    It probably was great to go down memory lane ;) I feel jealous. I was there just a year ago…. would love to go back. Bonne continuation!!!

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