Trip update from the road – farewell Greta and Winston

Total kilometers: just over 4000 – we tipped the scale on our ride from London Gatwick airport back to Claudia’s!

Total elevation gain: way too much to count

Flat tires: 5

Thunderstorms: 12

Countries: 9


Here’s our final route map – clicking on the image will open up the map in a new tab if you want to see in more detail.

Bike map EuropeWe loved traveling by bike.  It’s not as crazy or difficult as we thought it would be.  People treated us differently, and we met so many more than we otherwise would have.  We loved the immediate community you had with any other person traveling by bike.  There’s no sense of freedom like being able to point your wheel in any direction (well, anywhere as long as the hills aren’t too steep).  We wish we could continue.  And we’re already in our heads planning our next adventure.  I know we had a list of favourite experiences for South America, but it’s just not possible for Europe.  We loved everywhere we went, and every experience we had, even if it was getting stuck in the rain a few times, was definitely memorable.

That being said, we’re a little bit excited for a slight increase in clothes variation and a break for our butts.  And also really looking forward to seeing more sights in Turkey, as well as going on a big hiking adventure in Nepal.  We sent Greta and Winston on to greener pastures where they can continue to lead happy lives taking people from one place to the next.  We would have loved to keep our new best friends, but shipping costs are prohibitively expensive, and I know certain parents of ours with already packed garages are thinking “where would they put them if they were to keep them?”.

After Turkey and Nepal (with a short stay to visit Katie and Ben in Abu Dhabi!), we head to Southeast Asia where we meet Sean’s parents for Christmas.  Following that, we’re thinking Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, but we’ll see what happens.

Can you believe we’ve been gone almost 10 months already?  Sending love from Turkey!

6 thoughts on “Trip update from the road – farewell Greta and Winston

  1. Auntie Evelyn

    Always so enjoy your trip write-ups and the pictures!! Great idea to do the cycling…reminded me of my motor cycle trips a bit for sure – we tented and that was where one had good experiences and met other folks…including a few memorable thunderstorms too!!
    Safe travels ahead!!

    1. seandgwilson Post author

      We’re thinking the Annapurna Sanctuary trek, but we’ll make our final decision on the ground :) Thanks for the comment xo

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