One day in Istanbul

We had a one day layover in Istanbul before catching our flight to London.  We knew we were coming back, so weren’t seeing out to see anything in particular, just wandering around with the main objective of getting a proper bike box for Sean’s bike.  Mission accomplished.

Here’s what we found, a little preview for what’s to come.  On open air photography exhibition featuring pictures of Turkey provided perfect inspiration for the upcoming month of travel.  And hopefully next time we’ll have time to join in on a game of backgammon over tea. Can’t wait to return!

First things first – Turkish coffee. Loved the cup – did you know turquoise is a French term for Turkish stone because turquoise was thought it came from Turkey?


Then we stumbled on a palace.  We weren’t able to photograph the 4.5 ton chandelier, so you’ll have to take our word for it that it was breathtaking.  The palace has something like more than 200 rooms!




We didn’t deface this tree, but we did appreciate the sentiment.


These guys made some seriously delicious…. whatever it was.  Something with pistachio and lots of sugar.


Eating kebab was a priority – this wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, but it was incredibly delicious.


A few more snaps of our day.

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