Dubrovnik is wally great

Dubrovnik is the cherry on top for a fantastic time in Croatia.  We had so much fun in Croatia we couldn’t fit all our pictures into one post, so here’s a shorter one on the city.

One of the fun things about being away from home is seeing our friends in different places like Gwen on Korcula Island and Becca and Mitch in Rome.  But you don’t exactly expect to bump into anyone on the other side of the world.  Often we will see someone who looks just like a friend from back home and of course it never is.  Until it was!  We ran into one of Sean’s former work colleagues coming out of a small church in Dubrovnik, and after exchanging the “what are you doing heres”, set a time to meet for dinner.  After some delicious seafood, we strolled along the waterfront and contemplated breaking into the Game of Thrones boat.  So much fun to catch up.


You might be able to tell from the pictures that it’s a very steep city.  This presented some problems for us getting to our accommodation with our bicycles… and meant that we had to carry them up and down a few flights of stairs.  But it did mean that we had great views from our patio.

Our favourite thing to do there was walk atop the city’s walls.


A hole in the wall provided a neat view into the city.


Dubrovnik was a stroll-and-enjoy kind of place, nice for a day then off we went.

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