Saying Goodbye to the Galapagos

On our last day in the islands, it took us an hour to tear ourselves away from the beach at Puerto Egas and move on to the trail that our visit was intended to cover.  Baby sea lions just begged for attention as they waddled around us and played in the water.  Water flooded into and sprayed around the broken lava tubes.  Boobies performed their incredible head first dive into the water for fish.


More birds too of course, including the long-tailed white bird of paradise and some of Darwin’s famous finches.


While snorkeling, we followed a school of beautiful rays, and then came across a school of thousands of fish.  We watched from above as the crowds of fish parted as the hunting sea lions made their way through.  Lucky for the fish, the sharks we spotted were sleeping during the day.

You can see from our photos the famous red sand beach here as well.  With a beautiful sunset, it was a bittersweet last day in the Galapagos Islands.

Rabida Rocks

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After our cruise, we headed back to he main hub for the Galapagos in Puerto Ayora. Opting out of the expensive tourist food, we walked away from the water to the locals spot, finding delicious fried dough filled with queso, chicken or meat. After the first two, we gave in and had two more, which didn’t break the bank at $.75-$1.00 each.  The woman making the thought we were quite funny.  We also tried two drinks – one a warm, thick dark purple spicy fruit drink, the other creamy coconut which we drank while watching the locals’ recreational volleyball league. Dinner – solved.  The Charles Darwin Research Center on the island was a nice complement to the sights we saw on our 8 day cruise, and then it was time to leave the animals behind and re-join human life.

The cousin to our marine iguana friends

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