Santiago and Bartolome, Galapagos

While on our first day we felt like we were in an animal sanctuary, our second day felt like we were on the moon.  We were on the “new” part of Santiago Island which is only 150 years old.  Black everywhere and virtually no living things, only the different lava patterns break up the landscape.

Neat geologic formations

Across from Santiago is Bartolome, identified by the beautiful jagged rock.  It reminded us of Siwash Rock in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.  From the top vantage point you can see craters in the ocean.

The famous rock

En route to snorkeling, we witnessed the mating dance of sea rays. From far away, it looked like a shark fin poking out of the water but it was just their wings.  Only a little bit later we spotted an actual shark, which turned into two, circling the boat.  We were all running around to the different sides to watch.

Du-nuh... du-nuh...

Generally the animals just ignore you (I still get a bit scared as you will see from some of the pictures!), but apparently this doesn´t apply to sea lions when you are wearing black.  They apparently thought I looked a bit too much like sea lion sitting on that stair, and I got a bit of a fright!

Watch out for the sea lions

That night as we relaxed on the top deck and navigated to our next destination, the frigate birds followed our boat.  It was magical to watch them glide on the up draft.

Neat geologic formations

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