Machu Picchu

Stumbling out the door after our jarring 4:15 am alarm, we followed other flashlight-toting tourists to the hike up Machu Pichu.  1.5 hours and many stairs later, we were one of the first ones to experience the captivating morning light over one of the wonders of the world.  After capturing the moment and getting our bearings, we plunked ourselves down in the perfect spot to enjoy a peanut butter Clif Bar breakfast with the best view in the world.

Insert classic Machu Pichu shot here

Seeing the other Inca sites allowed us to appreciate what a wonder Machu Pichu is.  The sheer size, variety of features from terracing to religious sites, and the quality of the buildings is what makes it stand out.  That and little details like rocks carved to mimic peaks in the distance, and structures built into the existing rock.  Our experience was enhanced by reading about how the site was originally discovered in a book called The Lost Days of the Incas.

After fully exploring Machu Pichu’s nooks and crannies, we hiked up Wayna Pichu, the looming peak behind your standard Machu Pichu photo to enjoy 360 degree views of the whole valley.

Heading down Wayna Pichu

The 7 hours of exploring caught up to us as we tried to keep our eyes open for the views on the train ride back after an amazing day at Machu Pichu.  Maybe it can be attributed to the magic of Machu Pichu, but Cami was just about back to her bouncing self.

We were that little green line

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    1. seandgwilson Post author

      Sorry Kesi for the slow reply! No we didn’t, because we didn’t know our dates and it just didn’t work out. We ended up taking the train, then hiking up to the top so we were there right when it opened which was amazing. Let me know what you end up doing :)

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