Isabella Island, Galapagos

Hola Iguana! We could have said that about 500 times since we saw that many of them.  The females are in nesting mode and in no to mood to be disturbed.  They dig holes with their back feet to hide their eggs, spraying sand as they go.  Their biggest enemies in this process are the other females that try and steal their holes, which causes much head-wagging and potentially biting.  Quite entertaining to watch.


We spotted our first sea turtles snorkeling. It´s captivating to watch them drift in the current.

Cami was so excited to see her first ever flamingos in a lagoon on Isabella and with her pink shirt she earned the nickname Camilla Flaminga. We visited the turtle breeding centre here, seeing a turtle that was less than a month old and seeing one that was 150 years old.  They are raised there to help protect the young, then reintroduced.  Cami was particularly enamored with the baby turtle.  Believe it or not, the temperature they incubate turtle eggs at determines whether it is a male or female.  Our day was capped off by another beautiul sunset enjoyed over beers on the beach.

Iguana island

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