Genovesa Island, Galapagos

The first island we visited was Genovesa, one of the Northern islands created from a sunken volcanic crater.  With a cruising time of 8 hours to and from the main group of islands, we were very lucky to visit as it is not included on most itineraries.  Genovesa is serious bird paradise unlike anything we’ve seen before, as if we were walking in a bird sanctuary with an invisibility cloak on.  It is known for its red footed boobies (no, the jokes don’t get old). Three owl sightings just before sunset was very special.  We were both thinking how much our grandmothers would enjoy it here! At the end of the day, we had learned more about birds than we thought we would have ever known and Sean was spouting off species like a pro.

Birds of Genovesa

We were lucky to see the frigate birds starting mating season- you can identify the males by the inflatable red pouch under their necks. It takes them 2.5 hours to fully inflate, and then they sit and wait for the ladies to flock to them.

Frigate Birds

We had so much fun watching the sea lions play in the water here, and spotted the endemic fur sea lion as well.  The first of many sea lions on the trip.  Our first night on the ship, we watched the sea lions hunt for fish around the boat while the pelicans, amused, looked on.

Sean and some sea lions

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