Cuenca, Vilca, Loja, Mono

After the Galapagos, we headed down to Ecuador’s third largest city and expat central, Cuenca.  We took advantage of this and ate a delicious burger for lunch. Since we arrived on Sunday, we prepared most of our sightseeing activities for Monday; unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen.  Cami had been feeling sick on and off for 2 weeks, so when the headaches and fever came back we took the opportunity to find an English doctor.  Unfortunately this English doctor couldn’t find what was wrong with her, even after 3 days in the hospital and a slew of tests.  She was feeling better and was discharged from the hospital so we continued on our way to Vilcabamba.

Flowers Ready for Sunday Church

Flowers Ready for Sunday Church

Vilcabamba is where it seems the hippiest hippies of middle America make their retirement.  For example, we met a man that goes by the name “Wolf” and is on the hunt for a new spiritual leader.  There is also what I believe is the only gluten-free bakery in Ecuador.  We weren’t complaining though as it meant we could catch up on our vegetable intake stunted by beige food travel days.  We got into the relaxed spirit, recovering with a short walk around the beautiful property and a tour on horses to a waterfall and through the national park.

Cami y Caballo

Cami y caballo

Cami’s illness came back unfortunately so we decided to head to the nearest hospital in  Loja, the biggest city outside Vilcabamba, to see another doctor. We were relieved, after a lot of google translate with a Spanish speaking doctor, to finally learn she as been dealing with mono, which meant that we could continue traveling, just at a slower pace.

Loja Sites

Loja City Sites

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