Adventures in Banos

Exhausted after almost a week straight of hiking, we couldn’t wait to get to Banos to do some other activities. The fun couldn’t start however until we finished watching Canada win Olympic gold in hockey at 7 am in the hostel, complete with out-the-oven croissants, fresh cheese (see previous post) and, since it was a special occasion, some of our Starbucks Via coffee.  Our American friends didn’t bother waking up.  We couldn´t believe our luck that it was showing on TV and were quite happy we convinved the hostel manager to open the common area earlier than normal. A fantastic way to start our day.

We biked along the side of a highway down a scenic valley with sketchy ziplines, rickety cable cars and beautiful waterfalls.  Our favourite was the powerful Diablo waterfall pictured. The pouring rain add to the falls’ atmosphere as well.  Us and our six friends all went rafting, which was the best rafting trip Sean has been on and the only one Cami has been on!  We were cruising rapids up to class 4 and managed to keep the boat upright for most the trip.  We took one look at the natural baths that Banos is named for and turned around since it looked more like a dirty swimming pool, despite our chill after the cold river.

Banos is a cute town full of adventure sports, our first pad thai in South America, Cami’s first real Spanish lesson and a nice way to spend a few days.  It’s only too bad the election meant a no beer weekend!

Cable car - Cami went across, Sean was too scared

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Cami went across, Sean was too scared after he saw the operator


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